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We are main dealers for Continental, Semperit and Uniroyal and suppliers of all other major brands and quality economy car and van tyres.

Lifetime accidental tyre damage warranty on every Semperit tyre purchased

This warranty covers tyre damage during normal road use, and applies to the tyres and vehicle registered overleaf when presented at the original place of purchase.If your Semperit tyre has been damaged, The County Group will give you a discount using the table below for a new Semperit replacement tyre which is based on the average remaining tread depth of the damaged tyre.*















RTD = Remaining Tread Depth

Only damage caused by:

  • off-roading
  • racing
  • deliberate or malicious acts will invalidate the warranty

This warranty excludes 4x4 and van tyres.Valve and balancing charges may apply.

Look after your tyres

The best way to prevent breakdowns, accidents and costly repair bills is to undertake regular maintenance.

We cannot recommend enough the value of regular checks to look for telltale signs of wear and tear on your tyres.

To help you out, click here for a number of top tips and advice for looking after your tyres. If in doubt come in and we’ll do a free assessment.

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